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About  Invisible Gardeners Policy

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IG Club Policies
Before Joining, you are asked to read this, by accepting
membership into Club IG , you are agreeing to these terms.

IG Policy as of January 10, 2014



It is our policy that all requests for refund be made in a timely manner.. ie within 48 hours. It is our belief that due o the fact that once you have accessed our website, all membership information is available to you to dowlnload immediatly and a person with low moral characcter might just do that an then request a refund! Therefore, if you join and then visit our website as a member and then download anything member only content, that you have in effect said that you are using your membership and therefore have agreed to our terms. However we are here to talk with you and would rather that we be allowed to address your concerns and be allowed to correct it to your satisfaction. If you receive materials, all materials must be returned in its orginal condition. Please call us to confirm.



It is IG policy that you must be a Club IG Resource member if you want IG to endorse or promote your products or services in a special way (ie advertise). IG reserves the right to refuse any product or service it does not agree with. If this happens, a written explanation along with a complete refund will be sent to you. The easiest way is to become a Green Pro member. Currently at a good yearly rate.

If you have any questions, send me email. or call our office

See also
Club IG Privacy  Policy:
It is Club IG's privacy policy that we do not allow our mailing list to be used by any one else other then for our Club IG club mailings. We do not sell nor trade mailing lists. Any information obtained from you remains completely private! How's that!

Affiliation policy

Club IG recently amended our Affiliation policy.  We are in the business of promoting Natural Pest Control/Organic Gardening Products and services and running a Club teaching and promoting Natural Pest Control and Organic Gardening. We do not take commission from any sales that we help generate from our promotions of your service or product. Club IG has been in business since 1972 with currently over 8000 world wide members. One way or another they will hear about your Product/Service from us as well as when we Publish your info in our next printing of Natural Pest Control, available in all book store or internet. Andy also of course will promote you via radio/TV and his numerous monthly lectures as per our Club agreement.  If you wish to work with us promoting your product's then you shoulkd apply for Green Pro membership.
It is IG policy that all products and or services must be cleared by IG before it is reviewed to its members. IG members are eligible to do reviews for IG.

All IG members agree to follow all current and new copyright laws. Basically it means that you will not use any material found on this website that was developed by The Invisible Gardener without his prior written consent and you will provide proper credit to its source. All infringements are subject to immediate removal from IG and subject to possible legal action. If you submit information to IG that you have developed, proper credit will be given to you, if we use it.

All IG members agree not to allow any one else to use their password and user id.

Link Trade Policy

 We will provide link trades with you provided you meet our environmental standards. While we do not directly approve or endorse any links, we do try to insure that these links are within our level of earth friendly services and or products. Please do our link trade center

Andy Lopez

Invisible Gardener

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