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Invisible Gardener T-shirts, Bumper sticker, Coffee Mugs, etc

Get Don't Panic, It's Organic t-shirts, Dont Panic Its Organic coffee mugs and more here!


Dont Panic Its Organic Bumper Sticker

dont panic its organic mugdont panic its organic bag

Dont Panic Its Organic Coffee Cup
 Dont Panic Its Organic Shopping Bag

dont panic its organic t shirt
Dont Panic Its Organic t shirt

dont panic its organic t-shirtsdont panic its organic mug

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Invisible Gardener's Store


Here you will find all my current Ebooks. Kindle versions available only thru Amazon. Here is link for that. Members receive all ebooks free but if you just want a good deal on ebooks, then buy Dont Panic Its Organic, which is a collection of my last 20 ebooks all rolled into one and updated too! Only $9.99 too!

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Superseaweed Micro/Brix

The Invisible Gardener calls this soup, Primordial Soup. Made from several sources of seaweed, blended with several sources of enzymes and then blended with his special rock dust blend is then allowed to cook for several months. No heat is involved, instead it is like making yogurt.

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Invisible Gardeners Special Rock Dust Brix Blend

Over the many years, The Invisible Gardener has developed a special blend of various different rock dusts along with various different sources of bacteria. This makes for a wonderfull bacterial/mineral spray as well as a recharger for raised beds and soil. Only available in 5 lbs size.

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Consultation Services

The Invisible Gardener is a leader in the organic field. Since 1972, he has been helping folks to have 100% organic properties. He will tell you what he sees is wrong and how to correct it naturally and safely.

He can help you with Trees, Palms, Lawns, Roses, Vegetable Gardens, Fruit Trees and more! Now you don't even have to be located near him! You can join and get consulation via his members only website, talk with him live on his radio shows and more! Membership is for life, you pay only once! If you dont want to join, you can buy the ebooks, get a Free subscription to the radio shows and then you can email him with your questions, which he will answer on the air!

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Local Services

Since 1972, The Invisible Gardener has been providing organic services to those folks fortunate enough to have the Invisible Gardener near by them.


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