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Andy Lopez, The Invisible Gardener, Organic Gardening Expert
Andy Lopez has been an organic gardening expert since 1972. Click here to learn more about Andy.

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ISBN # 0-9726896-0-5
Table of Contents
Forward by Eddie Albert
Dances with Ants  1
Snail Tales 19
Gopher Gopher 27
Organic Fertilizers 33
Organic Pest Controls 43
Organic Disease Controls 69
Organic Flea Control 75
Organic Cockroach Control 81
Organic Fly Control 85
Organic Termite Control 89
Natural Lawn Care 93

Organic Rose Care 

Organic Tree Care  111
Organic Foliar Sprays 117
Making of Super Compost 123
Rock Dust 129
Your own Vegetable Garden 133
Appendix 137
Resources 148
Index 155
Natural Pest Control Chart 67
Natural Disease Control Chart 74

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Andy Lopez

The Invisible Gardener



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