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Membership Details

senior life time membership with book

regular life time membership with book

digital lietime membership

In order to Get Consultation and to access
Ask Andy thru his radio show or teh Organic Hot Line, , you must first join.

You will need to first decide what type of membership:

Life memberships are as follows

Senior Life Membership $35 (55 or over), Regular Life Membership $55

Digital membership $20

You will get a printed book plus access immediate access to all ebooks (you will get a receipt in the email when you are finished ordering which will give you download links to the ebooks, plus you will get a new membership manual with instructions to accessing the members website and members radio shows). Digital members do not get the printed book, instead they will get all the ebooks, including the ebook version of the current printed book.

students are always free ask me how

life  membership senior membership
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Students are always free while in school. Proof required.

Upon Payment, you will be able download a PDF fie which will have a link which will first give you an email link to click on for your subscription to receive the members only radio shows via email as soon as the shows are aired for you to listen to and then you can call in and talk with The Invisible Gardener directly with your gardening questions or you can email in the questions. Once that is done, you can do step two to get an Invitation to the members only website Don't Panic Its Organic, where you will get Access to Ask Andy Forums, chat and other member services, where you will have your "My Garden Page" where you will be able to post pictures and videos of your particular garden disease, pest or whatever and The Invisible Gardener will help you by providing you answers and the resources to help you correct it. You will also receive Free Access to all of the Invisible Gardener's Organic Gardening EBooks in the format you want it in ( Kindle , PDF, txt, or doc), including upgrades.

If you wish to talk with me first before joining, just call my office at 310-457-4438 m-f and if not in, I will return your call as soon as I can and we can talk.


Don't want to Join?

You can Subscribe to Dont Panic Its Organic Radio General Public Monthly shows for FREE!

This is not his members show but is a free show available to the general public. You can still email him and get your questions answered. Just enter your email below. You will get a new radio show in your email as soon as they come out once a month!

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You can email in your questions which I will answer on the air. You can download and listen however way you like (ipad, ipod, itunes etc). You can upgrade to membership at any time if you feel you need more help and continue with your radio shows for free.

-------------------------Radio show Subscription------------------------


Listen to every show and email in your questions and hear the answers LIVE on the air!


These services are free to students with proper student id and for as long as they are active students. Ask me how.

Local Consultation Services Info located here

Your purchases support our mission to spread information about organic gardening and allow us to bring you the information on this website and on radio shows and in books and talks.

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