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baking soda

      BD 508 (Horsetail Herb) Biodynamic preparation - Equisetum arvense

For preventing or controlling fungus diseases. One unit of dried herb makes 2 gallons of fresh tea, or 10 gallons of fermented tea. Good for one acre.

  • Used to reduce the effects of excessive water around plants that would lead to fungus. It is the high percentage of silica in the plant that works on lowering problems associated with too moisture.

  • BD 508

    For 1 acre – use 1/3 of a litre of preparation in 7.5 litres of water. Thus, 1 acre would require about 20gms of BD 508.

    For a garden – use 1/6 of a litre of preparation in 3.75 litres of water. Thus, 1 garden would require about 10gms of BD 508.

    Stir the the BD 508 in clean water in a vortex fashion, same as BD500, for half an hour and then spray it out using a back pack or hand sprayer depending on your size of land.

    BD 508/ Seaweed

  1. 10 grams BD508

  2. 1 cup milk

  3. 1 cup liquid seaweed

  4. 1 gallon clean water

    where you can buy BD 508


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