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64-Bottle Essential Oils Kit 


Using Essential Oils in controlling diseases and pests in the garden.

Pennyroyal Oil
Peppermint Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Citrus Oil
Citronella Oil
Rosemary Oil
Tea tree Oil

There are many essential oils that are made naturally that are perfect for home and garden use in terms of pest control and disease control. Especially when it comes to using it for controlling diseases on plants.

How does it work? Essential oils are high energy oils made up of the essential materials (oils) that it may have. this is done through a distillation process similar to making tea and boiling away the liquid until you have a strong solution of the tea or herb used.  These Oils are the key to how effective this mixture will be and how it directly effects the disease. For starters, the oil gives off a strong aroma of the herb or whatever it was made from (oils can be made from many things not just from herbs but from flower, tree, any plants, anything from the sea, etc). It is this strong smell that directly affect the insects that carry the disease around by repelling them and keeping them away, you keep the disease away also. Another way, oils are effective in controlling disease is that it will kill the insect if it is sprayed directly on the insect. The oils will suffocate the insect. Still one  more way essential oils effect disease is that the oils themselves when mixed with water (in proper proportions) will coat the spore of the disease and inhibit their growth! Wonderful no?


How to start using Essential Oils in Controlling diseases in the garden.

  1.  Add a small amount of essential oil to your spraying of effected plants (remember it will also kill Beneficials as well). Usually 1 drop per gallon water will be enough.

  2. Add 4 drops per gallon water for sprays to be used directly on insects and not on plants. Spray an area around the plants effected to protect them from any pest attacking them.

  3. Use essential oils to control the ants as ants spread disease around. See also Dances with Ants Dept



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